The restaurant was opened in May 2014, following a request from customers who wanted to accompany their rum tasting with something to eat.

A shaded terrace was then constructed allowing customers to dine both in and outdoors. Braided tables welcome couples and groups who wish to sit down and eat as well as bar tables for aperitifs.

You are also offered high quality traditional Thai cuisine with selected products like curry from the Bangkok area.



This is therefore how a menu is concocted of tapas such as accras and samosas. We also offer French dishes such as Boeuf Bourguignon (Burgundy Beef Stew) and Caribbean-based dishes such as Cari Seafood.

The French chef, with an over 25-year experience in catering, devotes himself to his passion for good food thanks to his Norman origins and years spent in the Reunion. Young apprentice of a Michelin starred restaurant, he has even been Director of a Hotel Restaurant after having been Chef for the Accord Group in Courchevel. Thanks to the hotel restaurant he managed in Grande Motte, he understands the expectations of customers and respects them to the fullest. This also allows him to propose themed events for everyone, like the Instants Rosés on Thursdays and Barbecues sometimes around the pool on Sundays. We offer a varied menu in a bid to also satisfy our customers; from Surf to Turf, from starters to desserts. The accompaniments vary just like the meats or seafood; with all of them bought from the local market.




The rum-based wine list was drawn by our Chef, who is also a wine lover.

Even if the list is pretty concise, it would indicate to you the food/wine combination that will enhance your dinner.



The cocktails proposed are designed to highlight the Samui Rum

and allow even those who do not like dry alcohol, to enjoy this unusual rum.

Mojito, Pina Colada, Mai Tai, Planteur, Ti ¨Punch, Caipirhuma, Virgin Mojito and Virgin Planteur