The Distillery


The distillery was founded in 2003 by Elisa and Michel Gabrel. Both were fruit growers in the Gers and came to Thailand in order to make fruit alcohol. After having moved? A still from SOFAC in Condon and fruits … It was no simple matter to set up the Distillery.

However the administrative procedures were done in record time, and they started distillation with a whole bunch of different fruits brought and found on the island. Then real business began when they began to produce rum with a type of cane from the north of Thailand. The region was a major cane producer primarily for export in the form of sugar and for feeding of elephants. The success was stunning and this made their facility the first French distillery in Thailand.

In 2013, ten years later, Ludovic was the one who found this little gem, and embarked on the adventure. He actively took over the Distillery in January 2014 and then started renovation and expansion works. A new still was imported and it was three times larger than the original one. A new building was needed to accommodate so much copper.

A plant of approximately 200m2 with two French stills to develop the 5 different flavours of the rum distillery was constructed. As soon as he arrived, he started the construction of the restaurant together with Martial, his catering partner, a regular visitor to Thailand for the past 10 years. Then came the production season, and with the same training, Ludovic and Martial very quickly mastered their new stills and produced quality rum. Customers described the first production as “excellent”, “fruity”, “pleasant”, “deserves to be known and recognized.” Today new products are still being developed and the rum distillery team is growing.




Alembic (or shill): Machinery use for rum distilling invented in 1694 by father Labat.

Agricultural rum: an alcohol obtained ny fermenting and distilling pure sugar cane juice.

Industrial rum or Molasses rum: Designates the alcohol resulting from distillery of molasses, by product of the production of sugar cane.

Old or aged agricultural rum or dark rum: Must be placed in an oak barrel a minimum of 3 years for the V.O. Label, 4 years for the V.O.S.P. label and up to 6 years for an aged vintage x.o. label rum.


Sugar Cane : Our sugar cane come from the mainland.

Process : Once the fermentation process has ended, the juice is distilled in a special alembic made in France.

Refining : The rum we produce using this process, is placed in a stainless steel tank for a minimum of 1 year in order to refine it’s taste.

Alcohol :It’s the bottled at a strength of 40% according to Thai regulations.

Flavors : For our flavored rum, we use only natural fruits: Lime, Orange, Pineapple and Coconut.